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Term of Use



General terms and disclaimer:


1. All our product is a resource for programs like InstAccountsManager, SocTool, SocSender and any other programs that support the InstAccountsManager data format.

2. The purchased product cannot be used without the corresponding software.

3. We are not related and in no way affiliated with instagram, meta, facebook and other social networks and software developers. And we do not interact or cooperate with them in any way.

4. Any mention of trademarks instagram, meta, facebook and other social networks, including programs for working with them, are solely trademarks for finding resources (which can be used in certain programs related or not related to work in social media data).

5. The store is not responsible for the further fate of the goods after the sale.

6. The store is not responsible for the violation of security or illegal use of the product purchased by the user, or any use of the purchased product in violation of the law of the country in which you live.

7. The store is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of the use of the product purchased by the user by others with or without your knowledge.

8. The store is not responsible for any illegal use of goods purchased by the user or harm to third parties.

9. All goods are sold in one hand and we do not have any copies of the goods. All responsibility for the further use of the goods lies with the buyer from the moment of its purchase.

10. There are no wholesale and discounts.


Terms of return and replacement of goods:


1. Purchased goods cannot be returned or exchanged.
In the event that the goods were damaged, rejected due to force majeure or through our fault, including due to our carelessness and the human factor. - We fully compensate all the funds spent.


2. From the moment of purchase, the application for the inoperability of the goods is accepted within 30 minutes (unless otherwise indicated in the product description)
In case of problems with the product, contact support, we always try to meet you, even if more than the specified time has passed. But this does not mean that you can unsubscribe in a day. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to get a replacement. Your 100% replacement guarantee - video recording.


3. When contacting support for a replacement or refund, the store has the right to require a video of the purchase. Recording a video is an optional procedure, but it is your 100% guarantee to receive a replacement in case of invalidity.
Video requirements:
IMPORTANT! The video must be recorded from the very beginning of the payment, until the end of the verification. To full screen, including the visibility of "Date" and the "Start" menu. The cursor should be visible. Without pauses, delays, freeze frames and other manipulations associated with editing. The video must be recorded from the moment of payment for the goods until the moment of data verification.
The video recording is the only proof on your part that the data at the time of purchase was indeed inoperable. If you do not have the opportunity to record a video, you can apply for an additional check of the goods to the seller using the contacts listed on the site (before purchasing the goods)
To record a video, you can use the service
4. The user could not figure out the settings of the programs; his account was blocked; if the product does not meet the requirements or expectations of the User, etc. - no return.


5. The store reserves the right to refuse a refund or replacement of the purchased product, without giving reasons. If there is suspicion of abuse of the terms of return and replacement.


6. Refund (moneyback) is possible only if it is not possible to replace the product with a similar one. If it reaches the moneyback, and the commission of the service through which the payment will be made is more than 1% - the commission will be taken into account in our favor when transferring


7. For a rash purchase, only the buyer is responsible. Refunds or replacement of goods with a similar one with some additional criteria is not possible! Any questions should be clarified prior to purchase.