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Guide to USDT TRC20


Tether USDT is a cryptocurrency - a stablecoin (stable) whose value is pegged to the value of USD US.

It is popular and is in the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization.

TRC20 - means that the tokens are based in the decentralized TRON network

Tether can be based on various blockchain networks - (OMNI, ERC-20, TRC-20), however, based on TRON, the network has the lowest commission and fast transfers.
Be careful! Buying cryptocurrency and paying for goods with it. If you mix up and send ERC20 tokens to the TRC20 wallet, they will disappear without a trace, and no one will return them to you.
These are different blockchain networks! And crypto transfers are irreversible.


There are many different implementations of wallets, both in software and as services.
We recommend using "NON-CUSTOM" wallets!
(only you will have access to the wallet and it cannot be arrested, blocked, squeezed out by third parties, etc.)

Even if you remove the wallet program from your PC/phone. You will be able to recover the wallet using the SEED phrase in any other non-custodial wallet.

Which you must keep in a safe place (write on paper, or use KeePass)
SEED - the phrase is your secret, you can not show it to anyone.

List of wallets we recommend:

Trustee Wallet is an innovative, free, anonymous multi-currency crypto wallet with support for bank cards and payment systems. Open source. 


Promo code (entered after wallet creation) - lQjhCZjI

1. Download and install Trustee Wallet
2. Select "Create wallet" or restore (if you want to deploy an existing wallet)
3. At the first launch, the application will generate a SEED phrase of 12/32 words. Be sure to write them down somewhere.

ATTENTION! Seed-phrase is the only way to return access to your funds in case of a breakdown or loss of a mobile device! Keep your seed phrase separate from your wallet device! Beware of scammers, never share your seed phrase with anyone!

4. Confirm the correctness of entering the SEED-phrase manually

(the application will ask you to manually repeat the phrase)
5. Everything is ready. The wallet is ready to use.
Click "add asset" and select from the list - USDT TRC20
(you should also add an asset - TRON)

You can enter a promotional code in the section - earn, info.lQjhCZjI

Further on the main page you will have an asset. If you click on the asset, then we will see
three buttons to choose from:
"Get" - click to see our wallet address and QR code. (by which tokens can be transferred to you).
"Buy" - here it will transfer to the built-in p2p exchangers.
"Send" - here you can insert the payee's wallet to whom you want to transfer the tokens.

Other crypto wallets "Trust Wallet" "OWNR" "TronLink" are arranged in approximately the same way
You can also download them and import them into them as your previously created wallet, or create a new one.
Decide which is more convenient for you or use everything in parallel :)

Even if you add an asset in the same application. Then by adding it to another, the balance and the wallet itself will be identical.
(if you have imported the same SEED phrase). That is, applications work as clients to your "account" in the blockchain.


There are countless possibilities for exchanging cryptocurrencies. But in order not to skakatsya I will advise you
Two exchanger trust services:

1. ExchangeSumo    is a very intuitive exchange hub.

Be sure to register - to receive cashbacks from each of your exchanges.

On the left, choose a pair, for example QIWI - USDT (TRC20)

as we see on the right, a list of exchangers at a favorable rate has appeared.
emphasized on the example "from ..." the minimum wage is written for a specific exchange pair in a specific exchanger.
as a rule, rubles in usdt can be found at the normal rate from the minimum of 5000-10000 rubles.

If the amounts are too large for you, then check out another hub of exchangers:

2. BestChange - Excellent hub of exchangers.

here you can find the following exchanges:



as you can see, you can also exchange 1000 rubles for USDT, only the rate will be a little less profitable.

It is important to make outgoing USDT TRC20 transactions (pay, send tokens to someone) you need to spend 4-6 TRON (TRX) on the network commission.

I advise you to buy 100 TRON (TRX) for your wallet for future payment of commissions.
You can buy more - then exchange it inside the TRON (TRX) wallet for USDT or other coins.
using internal exchangers Trustee Wallet.
you can also ask any questions in their official telegram group